Ethical Hacking

Writeup: Valley CTF

Valley CTF Writeup Valley CTF from TryHackMe includes many essentials cybersecurity topics, like: Confidential information exposure; PCAP analysis; Reverse engineering of a ELF executable; Horizontal privilege escalation; Python module hijacking; Vertical privilege escalation. Simplifying cybersecurity 1. Port scanning Common ports, also known as ‘Well-known Ports’ or ‘Registered Ports’, are numbered ports that have been assigned […]

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Hacking Elliot Alderson!

Introduction The Mr Robot CTF from TryHackMe is an exciting challenge that covers penetration testing, network security, and cryptography. Based on the popular TV show Mr. Robot, this CTF is designed to simulate real-world hacking scenarios and requires a certain level of expertise to complete. With that said, let’s get started. Simplifying cybersecurity. 01. Enumeration

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